Perhaps the greatest piece of advice I have ever heard was given by Dory, courtesy of the Disney movie Finding Nemo when she sang her heart out to “Just Keep Swimming.” Seriously, she ran into obstacle after obstacle and it seemed her mission was impossible, yet she kept finding the strength to just keep swimming.

I was truly overwhelmed when reading these stories in this issue as the theme was so clear. Not quitting or giving up was the message time and again when so many of these heroic people suffered huge life devastations and made the CHOICE to not give up. What truly brought me to tears was the fact that not just one of these stories, but every single one that experienced some sort of trauma, chose to turn their pain into love and give to others from that place. That is what life is all about. So many of these pages are filled with our friends and neighbors who turned love into action.

Relationships matter and is what our hearts are made for. Connection to those around us is our purpose. There are always rainbows after rain, growth after Winter, hope after trial. We get the opportunity to choose what we do with every single day.

Sharing these inspirational messages through these pages brings me the greatest joy and I am truly honored to present this issue. Please take the time to go through the names of generous business owners on page 192 that give this community such a gift at no charge. We are so thankful for each one of our readers and each one of these sponsors.

We love you Albany and we are so honored to be a part of this incredible family in the good life city!