“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz

This truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year! I am giddy just thinking about hosting our family for Christmas Eve again this year! I have plans to add another live tree covered with gum drop garlands just for the sparkle and fun. Already anticipating the upcoming meals together, the roaring fires, the reading of The Night Before Christmas and the true Christmas story of the birth of Jesus!

As I began reading through this issue of Albany Living, I see so much joy as these families have chosen to live life serving others. The Singfield family continues to serve up encouragement and hospitality daily at The Flint. The Gore family is now four generations with a passion to keep our community safe. Faith Woodham helps remind us all that we are all okay because of God’s power and love in our lives. John McCain with Easterseals Southern Georgia has had a passion for helping others since the age of 14.

The reality of it is that people are not looking for perfection in our decorating or culinary skills. People everywhere are looking for a safe place of rest and peace. A place where we can give each other love, acceptance, undivided attention and our time!

Give yourself full permission to take the time to truly ENJOY this beautiful season and savor the moments together!

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Matthew 1:18-23

Merry Christmas with so much love!!