As we look back on the first half of the year, we celebrate new...hope restored, lives rebuilt and loved poured out. This community went through such paralyzing circumstances, not once, but twice and yet still somehow have come through this with grace and poise and a deeper found strength. THIS exemplifies what a community is all about. Countless individuals, businesses and families jumped into action feeding those around them and providing comfort in tangible ways. Many will never know what some went through and yet all around, people prayed and poured out everything they had to give. Perhaps watching beauty rise from the ashes may be the most miraculous phenomenon in life.

Inspiring stories of hope with relief and recovery still available to those affected is found in this issue along with the comfort of City Manager, Sharon Subadan, declaring this is a new day for Albany. We stand with you Albany as you continue to rise and celebrate a new day.

The theme throughout this edition seems to weave the message of hope and strength and we could not be any more humbled to share these stories. We are tremendously grateful for those people who have shared their lives through these pages and for the advertisers who so graciously make this publication possible. They are listed on page 176 and magazines are always available at no charge at any of these locations! We are also very excited to offer the option for you to read the magazine online available at Albany more than lives up to its name as the Good Life city and we are truly grateful and honored to be a part of this amazing community.