While on an evening family hunt last week, I was standing at my pick-up spot on the road in the dark waiting for my husband to come. I had set down my stuff and was looking at a bright full moon admiring the glow that softly illuminated the sky. A few minutes later, I saw headlights rounding the curve and headed my way. As soon as the corner turn was made, I was amazed by what I saw. The headlights shown on three of the most intricately woven spider webs next to me that I had previously missed in the dark. It caught my attention because they were so huge and the details on them looked like an exquisite hand sewn lace pattern. All three looked different, yet each was so unique. I stood there amazed that in the dark, I had missed these incredible displays. Yet, as soon as the light was shed on them, they became a visible art show. Immediately the clear message of dark and light spoke to my heart. Sometimes in the darkness, we may feel we are alone and there is nothing around us, especially when basing our feelings on our senses. However, when God’s light shines through, He illuminates what was there all along in His provisions and His love surrounding us. There are no greater examples of this illustration than in some of the stories in this issue.

Babs Hall and Mrs. Juanita Nixon are prime examples of lights in our community. Both of these ladies love with open arms and hearts. Giving back to people is what you will also read about in Dr. Charity Wilson’s story as she displays her gifts of service in helping her patients above and beyond. People helping people is what Albany does and we have seen that time and time again through every story we are so honored to share.

The message is clear that none of us are alone as God uses His people to help shed the light in this amazing city.

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