While reading through our cover story, I was reminded just how blessed we are in life to have the gift of true friendships. Along with our family, true friends can offer us encouragement, perspective, confidence, hope and love. Two of our greatest assets in this life truly are people and our faith! Albany is full of strong friendship ties and strong faith! What a great recipe for success!

A dear friend of ours recently shared these thoughts with us about Albany: “The heartbeat of Albany is strong! We’ve weathered many storms together and it positioned us to stand together even through a tough political climate. What you see on the news is not the case in our city.

People smile, they are gentle with one another. We’ve had enough heartbreak and you can sense that nothing is going to incite division. People are the heart of this city. It’s a beautiful community!” Well said our sweet friend!!

With much love and blessings from our family to yours!