FALL 2022

This last weekend was my wife’s, Patti’s, birthday. It has been a family tradition to gather at the dinner table for a simple meal. During the meal everyone shares anything funny or special that may have taken place in the last few months. Many times someone will share a special meeting or encounter that took place. In some instances it is referred to as a “God Thing”.

We also have a tradition of telling the person who is celebrating their birthday one special character trait or a tribute that we appreciate about them. As each person at the table shared a special characteristic they had seen exemplified by Patti, a pattern began to develop. Some of the qualities that were brought up were: her heart for others, her gift of making people feel special, and being an encourager to others.

When each child had shared their solution to a situation they had encountered earlier in the meal, it was very similar to the special characteristics that someone had pointed out about Patti.

She is an example of do as you see me do!

Happy Birthday! I love you!

Proverbs 31