FALL 2018

Each time we are preparing to write the Publisher’s Letter, it is so fun and such an honor to review the articles that are going to be in each issue. We don’t have a theme for any of our publications other than “people, places and things that make Chatham County a great place to live!”

In reviewing the articles for this issue, I noticed several instances where the word “hero” was stated or implied. I decided to look up the definition of hero: a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities (Oxford Dictionary).

As I reviewed various definitions, it appears that it totally depends on who is doing the defining! What is my point? My point is this–every day we have the opportunity to be someone’s “HERO ”. Some examples:

A word of encouragement from a parent, friend, teacher, coach, boss or a clerk that impacts someone’s self-worth.
A warning instead of a ticket… (my personal favorite).
A sincere “I love you!” from a spouse or parent.
“Have you lost some weight, you look great!!!”
“I love that new outfit!”
“That is the best meal that I’ve had in a long time!”
“Nice Job!!”

As you can see, the person that defines “hero” provides a true definition. I believe that life-saving actions are heroic! But, those people that bring joy and sunshine into someone’s life by a kind word or action are equally heroic!

Please thank the heroes on page 184 for allowing us to produce this magazine.

Psalm 91

Jay and Patti Martin