JUNE 2018

Upon hearing that our good friends are moving their family to Italy for the next two years, I sent a quick text asking how soon we could visit?! There is something so romantic and poetic about the sound of Italy… the food, the history, the art.

In the middle of thinking these thoughts, I was reminded how often we overlook the romance and poetry we have in our own back yard. I remember how intriguing, charming and quaint Chatham County can be. It is a cornucopia of amazing food, history, art and best of all – our people.

Where else can you find people like the Duchess of State, Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor or our very own soon-to-be Iron Man, Graham Whiteside from England? Along with her family, Kay Heritage with Big Bon Pizza rocks wood fired brick-oven pizza!

Yes, I still plan to visit our friends in Italy, but I will remember to celebrate each day’s amazing beauty and richness right here in our very own Chatham!

Live Life Fully,

Jay and Patti Martin

Psalm 34:8

The Wannabe Ironman