Recently our family welcomed a new furry member to our home and we have been smitten ever since. His name is Jet. Somehow his tiny little self has managed to bring more joy and happiness into our home than the usual excitement. He has tucked his little tiny face into our arms, our couch and our hearts. We have watched in wonder at the delight he brings to our family and can’t help but be reminded how much more God must delight in watching us enjoy all He has provided to us here on Earth.

I can’t help but imagine God is looking over His people with such joy and delight as He watches us share the new year, visiting friends and family with love and laughter, sharing with those who have less and overall anticipation of what is to come. In celebration of life and the moments of today, we are so grateful for the absolute blessings that we experience each and every day.

Chatham County, YOU are one of those amazing blessings in our lives… Our hearts are overwhelmed with the friendships, love and support you all have and continue to pour out on us. This city thrives on electric energy and hands held together for a strong structure. We hope you will take your time as you work your way through the pages of this issue and really soak in what Chatham County lives and stands for. The simple word for that is LOVE. Love pours out from this city in so many ways. Some are big and easy to see, some are small and may never be noticed. Regardless, it’s all the same language and we are honored to share some of these stories with you.

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With gratitude in our hearts and love in our souls, from our family to yours, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your home and hearts and we look forward to many years ahead!


John 10:10

Jay and Patti Martin