“We get to play baseball!”

I had the opportunity to watch the movie, “The Rookie” featuring Dennis Quaid. This movie was based on a true story about a real life pitcher named Jim Morris. When the above words were uttered a teammate had just asked Morris “why are you in such a good mood?” An hour earlier, Jim had called his wife and let her know that he was quitting the minor league team and headed home. He missed her, his son, good food, etc. – everything was too hard!

As Morris (Quaid) walked back to the clubhouse to turn his gear in, he walked by a little league game in progress. He paused to watch for a few minutes. He saw several of the players laughing and smiling. These kids were playing a game that they loved playing …. and so was he. His circumstances were the same that they were an hour ago; but, his perspective had changed. He was reminded of the joy he had while playing baseball. Jim Morris was promoted to the majors shortly after that. Where he excelled as a relief pitcher.

I have found myself muttering about a meeting, a commitment; even going to a grandchild’s baseball game two hours away. OR I can remind myself that I get to meet new and interesting people; I get to do a job I thoroughly love. And most of all, I get to enjoy my grandchildren!

I hope you are able to enjoy this issue and get to be introduced to people you may not have ever had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

I’ll close now as I am getting ready to go and watch one of my grandsons “PLAY BALL!!!”

God Bless!!!!

John 10:10

Jay and Patti Martin