While savoring a cup of coffee one morning, I sent our daughters some awesome quotes on gratitude. According to some of the things I have read on this subject, gratitude can have a profound effect on us. Things like decrease in physical pain, increased sleep quality, increased optimism, improved relationships, less self-focus, less self-pity and the increased ability to see all of the incredible beauty and blessings right in front of us each and every day.

In pondering these thoughts, I was reminded of my initial phone visit with Tiffani Taylor. She exuded gratefulness with every word. Her article made me weep with her genuine authenticity and gratitude to family, friends and the world she is blessed to be a part of!

The articles represented in this issue of Chatham County Living reflect people with that same heart; grateful for what they can contribute to the people around them. In a world full of headlines that reflect discouragement, dismay, hatred, distrust, and anger, it is with great JOY that we share with you some of Chatham’s “rays of light and love!”

Enjoy this issue and please remember to thank the “Amazing Advertisers” listed in the back who are the reason this publication is free to all!

God Bless!

Psalm 138:1

Jay and Patti Martin