Whenever we have a publisher’s letter, we try to highlight the people that make each area a special place to live. I am going to deviate a little with this letter. I am going to tell you the main reason my life is so special. In a word it is Patti! As you read this, Patti and I will have just celebrated 37 years of marriage. The first thing that you notice about her is that she is BEAUTIFUL !! If you have ever met her, the second thing you notice is that she is a genuinely caring person. She looks at you, not through you. If you have ever spent an hour with her you will know that her best friend is God. Patti freely shares His love through her actions, not just her words.

In 37 years of marriage, I have never once doubted her love for me or that she had my back every second of every day. We have 2 biological children, 3 adopted children and we’ve been foster parents to numerous children for 18 years. Not one of these children did not feel the reality of a mother’s love through Patti.

I am so blessed that I have been married to the Proverbs 31 woman and will be for the rest of my life here on earth!


Proverbs 31

Jay and Patti Martin