As usual, I sat down to review the magazine, specifically the articles that were chosen for this issue. I continually try and come up with a “Publisher’s Letter” that is profound, has depth and stirs the soul! Based on the responses we’ve received on the “Publisher’s Letter” to date; it is still a work in progress...

Many times that I read an issue that is ready to go to print I am reminded of a gentleman I met years ago. His name was Billy Godwin. He was speaking at our church. He asked a question, “If you had a fortune and plenty of time, what would you do?” He then pointed out people in the congregation to stand up and give an answer. Needless to say, much good was identified that morning! He then went back to several people that had given some phenomenal plans and goals and said, “Since you don’t have an unlimited amount of money or time, what can you do TODAY toward your dream goal?”

Basically, his message was to never allow our dreams or goals to be aborted by what we don’t have or think we don’t have. Do what you can do today towards accomplishing your dream. Each day after that repeat the process and see where you end up. As you read the Chatham County Living Magazine see if you don’t find people that have dreams and goals. I would also be willing to bet that they’re not done pursuing their dreams.

I doubt many, if any, of the people in these articles ever met Billy; but, his ideas, beliefs and encouragements are being demonstrated daily in their lives.

As always, if you enjoyed the articles in this issue, please thank the sponsors listed on page 176.

Have a blessed 2017 filled with dreams and goals!

Jeremiah 29:11

Jay and Patti Martin