FALL 2016
One of the special days that I most enjoy is writing this letter. The reason is that I review all of the articles that are in the issue and it is a reminder of the great people who exist and care about Coffee County. They go about their lives quietly contributing to all of us around them in some way.

Aside from being able to write this letter, this has been a very special week. Patti and I received a number of pictures from our children of our grandchildren. One common theme leapt out at us. Smiles were everywhere. All of the grandkids were happy!! Some of the pictures were recent, some were several years old. Regardless, there was a smile on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes.

We caught ourselves smiling and laughing at each photograph. A happy smile is contagious! The grandkids didn’t know we were smiling; they were just loving life. It struck me that whenever we smile and someone else sees us, it generally elicits good feelings. What would happen if each of us genuinely shared a smile with someone? Take a test - look at Presley on the front cover - see if your day doesn’t become a little better!!! If it does, please thank the sponsors on page 128.