It seems like the New Year’s resolutions for 2023 were just written down, and here we are repeating the process for 2024! As usual, there is the phrase “where did the time go?” echoing everywhere. After 75 years, I still don’t have a clue!!! I do know that at 15, I was amazed that it took so long, and from 50 on, each year felt like I was on a pair of snow skis on the fastest slope in the world, screaming down the slope. By the way, the screaming was me since I have no idea how to ski.

Personally, I have a tendency to remember any challenges that took place and purpose in my mind to not repeat them. I then focus on the “good stuff” and being thankful for it. I pray that the upcoming year will produce a lot more of the “good stuff” and fewer challenges. I spend a lot more time focusing on the “good stuff”; large and small; I want to start 2024 on a positive, upbeat note.

2023 provided our family with a phenomenal “good stuff” event, and his name is Walker Guzman, born August 24th. For those of you who have ever called or emailed our office, you’ve probably dealt with Nikki. She is the cog that makes everything work. She has a perpetual smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. Based on the last 4 months, she has produced a mini-me boy. Everyone in the office just sits around waiting to see Walker’s charismatic smile and hear his infectious giggle.

2024 is going to be phenomenal! We pray that everyone in the area that we serve will have a year of happiness, peace, and prosperity!

3 John 2

Jay and Patti Martin