Each issue I struggle with this letter! I’m never sure if anybody reads it and if so, what do they want to hear about!?! It’s impossible to pick a couple of articles and highlight them as “teasers”. All of the articles are selected to cause some sort of positive, emotional reaction, at least we try to make that the case.

I come from a small family, so there’s not a lot to share there. And, I don’t want it to draw attention to us! By the way, when the November issue hits the streets our newest grandchild will be hitting the streets in Texas. I figured, deep down, you wanted to know that. FEAR NOT!!! I will update you in the November issue also! It was a lot of fun having a Mother’s Day contest in May on our Facebook. WOW! There are some amazing moms!!! It was also fantastic that so many people recognized how much mothers give of themselves to their children.

We appreciate the great article ideas and kind comments we receive after each issue!! The truth is that the credit for each issue should go to the sponsors listed on page 208. Please let them know when you enjoy something about the magazine. They would love to hear from you!! Each sponsor is also a distribution point to pick up extra copies of the magazines. The Chambers in Perry and Warner Robins also have extra copies. They would love to have you stop by and say, “Hi!”

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a warm summer. So, find a cool, comfortable spot with some sweet tea and enjoy this issue of the Houston County Magazine!

John 10:10

P.S. Feel free to contact me, Jay, and let me know how moved you were by the Publisher’s Letter!! Or, get an update on the November Grandbaby!

Jay and Patti Martin