Day by day, we live our lives, blissfully unaware that we are each, in fact, writing a story. A story that the world around us can read and one that generations from now can remember. From the moment we are born, facts and moments and experiences surround us as we continue to shape our environments.

Sometimes, the paths we choose lead us straight to our intended destinations. However, many times, the paths we follow twist and turn landing us in unchartered territories. Such was the case with Officer Nicholas Smarr and Officer Jody Smith. Their story is one of the utmost of bravery and service and protection to those around them. They so selflessly left their mark on this community as they fulfilled their duties they so graciously agreed to.

With the most sincere appreciation and gratitude in our hearts, we honor the memory of Officer Smarr and Officer Smith and all those who have so bravely left their story for us to share. We will continue to share the stories of all of those around us that make mup this amazing community of Sumter County.

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