FALL 2017
I recently heard a quote that said, "What you water is what will grow." As I pondered that, I began to see how much that related to so much in life… mentally, spiritually, physically and even in our imagination. Life is full of choices and events, but it's the daily watering of it all that creates the sustenance.

What makes the stories in this issue so unique is there happens to be a few key articles that represent an older generation which shows amazing patriotism, provides great wisdom, and overall sets the tone for the upcoming forces to gain life lessons through experience by those who have put in the work of living so many years ahead of us. Thinking back on listening to stories told by our grandparents and even parents, we realize what a treasure we have as we embark into our future by holding tight the nuggets of truth they teach us. The most precious gift I believe we have is taking the time to really listen to the stories told to us by those around us and not just hear them, but see the value in them. These pages are not just filled with factual information from people's lives, they are exposed pages of people's hearts and souls and the lessons learned through their years. They will teach us things if we will listen with our heart and not just our ears.

We hope you will be as honored as we are to share in the lives with the most amazing people of Sumter County as you read about their grit, ingenuity and building from the ground up. The choices made to water optimism and success is blatantly obvious as you see what transpired through these pages. As always, we are so humbled to be a small part of sharing the stories and being a part of this incredible community. Thank you for making us a part of your family.

Please be sure to thank the advertisers listed on page 136 that make this publication possible. You can pick up your own personal copy at no charge at any of those locations. We are very excited to offer the additional option for you to also read the magazine online available at www.withyouinmindpublications.com.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful last half of 2017 and we look forward to celebrating with you.