Our family just finished watching the movie “Love, Kennedy” and to say the least, we were captured. The overwhelming message of how every day is a gift, left us all teary through each moment. The legacy left behind in her short life showed us the impact of perspective. Despite a debilitating disease which could not be treated, she saw no obstacles. She saw life through the lens of positivity.

Following this theme of positive perspective, Americus is in the top 10 contenders for Small Business Revolution! So many people are posting their lens of the beauty of life through #MyAmericus. During this exciting time, the snapshots of people sharing their stories and views of what makes up this incredible community warm the heart. The unique simplicity and grandeur stands tall and strong among our pride.

Each one of the stories we are so honored to share with you in this issue only further echo the message of how amazing Sumter County truly is. From our cover feature, the lady who graced Americus with her presence as Sumter County’s 1943 New Year’s baby to the people like Russell Thomas who has led this town through many seasons of victories. They all share this love for not only a rich heritage and past but for rising futures through our children such as those featured in our story on the Furlow Charter School.

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