Every time I sit down to write one of these letters. I take some time to review the articles and everything that has taken place in the last year in our community and our family.

In the last issue, we announced the upcoming birth of our first granddaughter, Georgia Lee. On November 6 she joined the world with Patti right there to greet her. The rest of the family showed up for Thanksgiving to spoil her for a week, hand her back and leave. This Nana and Papa stuff is awesome!!!

Mandi and Landon’s son, Jayden started first grade this year. Makayla is in her senior year of high school and preparing for college. Empty nest here were come!!!

Also, in the last 12 months Patti’s mom, Betty Donahue, went to be with Jesus and her husband, Jim. She was in poor health the last month of her life so all of the family members had an opportunity to share with her the impact she had on their lives. For those left behind death is a sad time. For those entering heaven, death is an entry way to eternal joy.

Betty’s family had a sweet departure party reminiscing about the good times here on earth and celebrating her new body and new life. IT was a time to remember joy, laughter and words of wisdom. It was also a time to remember we don’t know the number of days we, or our family members, have on this earth. We don’t need to put off letting our friends and family know how we feel as there may not be another opportunity.

Patti, I love you! Being married to you has been the greatest privilege and honor of my entire life.

Mark 10:10