It seems like just yesterday that I was writing the Publisher’s Letter for the 2015 issue of Tattnall County Magazine. It is always very humbling to hear all the kind words spoken about the quality and content of each magazine. Patti and I get to hear the majority of the praise since we are the Publishers. The truth is that we do the least. On page 144 there is a list of all of the people who sponsor this publication financially. Without those sponsors a coffee table quality magazine would not be possible. Listed on page 8 are the names of the people that really do all of the work. I write this letter to say “Thank You” to each of them for all of their hard work. Each person takes pride in his or her own contribution; but, for the most part, they are equally proud of “their” magazine as a whole. You will recognize a lot of their names. Please tell them and the sponsors “Thank You!” if you enjoy this issue.

Last, but not least, are the individuals you don’t know and probably never will. They are the ones that tell us about the businesses and people that are featured in each issue. Everyone has a story! Let us know who is an unsung hero or about a special, unique place in the county. We would love to share about them with the rest of Tattnall County. Call or email us.

God Bless and Keep Each and Every One of You!

John 10:10