It is hard to believe that is has been a year since the last issue of the Tattnall County Living Magazine! I usually read what was written in the last issue. I saw that I had mentioned that Matt and Heather were awaiting the birth of their 3rd child, a boy that had not been named yet. I know that y’all have been waiting to hear that he was born healthy and what his name is! Ok, maybe you haven’t been on the edge of your seats – but, I’ll tell you anyway. Proud grandparents have the right to gush!

His name is Guy David Martin. He is healthy and happy! As a matter of absolute, undeniable fact, he is the happiest baby I have EVER seen! You don’t believe me??? Check this picture out! This is what we see 24/7. His parents see this infectious smile 18/7.

It is such an honor and joy to share with y’all some of the wonderful and special people that we have encountered in the last year. Please look on page 152 for the sponsors that make this magazine possible. Thank them, when you see and shop with them.


John 10:10

Jay and Patti Martin